support the rish spirited dear ones of our own!!                  
irish baileys glasses

 Meav (Celtic woman) (right)

raison d'etre - so say all of us here!!


    Sweet delicious Nourishment
    from Baileys Irish cream.
     Nothing tastes as special that
 doesn't come from Ireland,
or elsewhere the spirit reigns supreme
with truest christianly merit straight
from the heart we always say
and so rightly so,  ultimately!!


Mikes Hard lemonade

Mikes "Hard" lemonade Coolers and smirnoffs
especially too, are my favourite drinks too at the
present time at the bar - beats a beer all te hell!

Rekordelig (Swedish cooler)

Rekordelig (great taste
of Sweden!!)
where the Irish spirit
is yet still alive and
forever more amen!

Rekordelig from Sweden - delicious!


A New Zealand Mudshake is "hands down"
the best purchase you could possibly make
at the local liquor shop. Try the Irish Cream
certainly, for an "Irish hug" of truly great taste!!!!!!!!! Try a Danish somersby blackerry cider too!!

Support Australian/
New Zealand fisheries
along with the Irish
spirited folks in Norway,
France and elsewhere
around europe!

Lamb is truly exquisite -
from Australia and
New Zealand - Have some


Octoberfest in the Irish tradition

  German Irish spirits

A singing of the greatest of  songs: "ireland mother ireland"
we added lyrics and image to this lovely singing by the clarendon street
singers and posted 10 years ago for you on youtube 
(see our site too at 



    Baileys white Russian drink  

 baileys colada

Irish spirited lives matter most too - god bless

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